Baumgartner Law is a full service Denver law firm that provides personal attention to each and every client whose case we choose to accept. Our dedication and commitment to obtaining the best outcome possible for our clients, regardless of what is easiest or more profitable for us, coupled with our expertise in litigation allows for an unparalleled track record of success for our clients.

Baumgartner Law handles complex personal injury cases, as well as car accidents, and we are geared toward taking these cases to trial – we don't look for quick settlements from insurance companies. Whether you were bitten by a friend's dog, slipped and fell on a neighbor's icy sidewalk, or were injured in a car accident, it's critical to obtain the best legal representation. When you're injured, you need an attorney with practice not only in personal injury law, but also to consider the attorney's experience in dealing with insurance companies' tactics and strategies for minimizing costs per claim. Having worked as an attorney for insurance companies, Birk Baumgartner understands the tactics employed to intimidate claimants to settle for far less than what their case is worth due to fear of losing at trial. Baumgartner Law also understands the steps needed to create a solid auto accident case for clients that will hold up in trial against the scrutiny of the insurance companies. Don't settle for a large "settlement-mill" law firm that is unprepared to go to trial when needed, and won't get you maximum compensation.

Baumgartner Law also specializes in
protection orders and domestic violence defense. We defend those wrongfully arrested due to the strict and often overused domestic violence laws in Colorado, and represent victims of domestic violence seeking protection whose safety depends on our commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome. We handle many types of criminal defense cases including drug charges and assault, and have achieved numerous favorable outcomes in DUI cases for our clients. We are experienced in employment discrimination and police brutality, and take on a select number of cases related to civil rights matters like these.
Client Testimonials

"I could not have been more satisfied with the legal representation I received from Birk. He was communicable and he was professional."

"Birk Baumgartner really looked after my case and always had my best interest in mind... I would definitely hire Birk as my lawyer again."

"Birk is an excellent attorney in a multiplicity of different fields of law. He has a keen interest in the field and is extremely competent and able to deliver results. I cannot suggest Birk more highly."

"Birk is professional, ethical, knowledgeable and explains everything very well.... He has a personal investment in each case that is rare with attorneys, and despite the fact that he's a very busy man he always makes you feel like a priority."

"If your looking for a amazing attorney look no further..."

"My experience with Baumgartner Law was great and Birk was very professional. He genuinely cared about my situation and was always communicable. Above all that, however, he is good at what he does. Baumgartner Law will be my only choice for any future legal representation--period!"

"Thank You Birk, for your help. Call him, you have nothing to lose, except your case, by paying to much with a big firm who spent care for you. You will hear the horror stories in your classes, of these firms that don't care. Don't waste your time or money, call him today, it will take the weight off your shoulders."