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Personal Injury, Criminal Defense & Domestic Violence

When you're injured, you need an attorney with practice not only in
personal injury law, but also to consider the attorney's experience in dealing with insurance companies' tactics and strategies for minimizing costs per claim.

Don't settle for a large "settlement-mill" law firm that is unprepared to go to trial when needed, and won't get you maximum compensation.

Having worked as an attorney for insurance companies, Birk Baumgartner understands the tactics employed to intimidate claimants to settle for far less than what their case is worth due to fear of losing at trial. Baumgartner Law also understands the steps needed to create a solid auto accident case for clients that will hold up in trial against the scrutiny of the insurance companies.

Baumgartner Law also specializes in protection orders and domestic violence defense. We defend those wrongfully arrested due to the strict and often overused domestic violence laws in Colorado, and represent victims of domestic violence seeking protection whose safety depends on our commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome. We handle many types of criminal defense cases including drug charges and assault, and have achieved numerous favorable outcomes in DUI cases for our clients.


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"I could not have been more satisfied with the legal representation I received from Birk. He was communicable and he was professional."