Auto & Motorcycle Accidents

Insurance companies have adverse interests to your own, and they are trained on how to not pay you any money for your pain & suffering. According to a 2004 study by the Insurance Research Council, claimants get 3.5 times the amount of compensation when they're represented by an attorney than they do without. You must hire an attorney to be properly represented and to get what your case is worth.

Do not speak to the insurance company on your own!

Anything you say to the insurance company can and probably be used against you. The insurance adjuster has been trained in getting you to make a statement that will harm your case. The insurance company has attorneys on every case. You need an accident attorney watching out for you. Click on pages ... Read more

Car Accident Checklist:

1. If hurt, seek immediate medical treatment. Go in an ambulance if one arrives at the scene and you think you may be hurt. Often, injuries from auto accidents aren't immediately apparent and get significantly worse over the next few days. If you refuse medical treatment at the scene of the ... Read more

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