Baumgartner Law, L.L.C. together with Beem & Isley P.C. filed a 3.7 million dollar police brutality lawsuit against three Northglenn police officers for their savage beating of a Northglenn man in 2015. The man involved received permanent brain injuries resulting in long-term consequences for himself and his family. In addition to the physical abuse, the man was wrongly charged with felony assault on a police officer, and faced a mandatory minimum prison term.

Unfortunately, police filing false charges is all too common in police brutality cases, because whenever an officer attacks a person, he must justify his actions to his superiors and to the courts. The most common justification put forward by an officer is that he was attacked first. In this way, the victim of police brutality is wrongly accused of a crime, faces felony charges, and is imprisoned, all to keep the police officer from facing consequences for his outrageous actions.