Domestic Violence


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Domestic Violence is one of the most commonly charged crimes in Colorado. They are also the crimes that the District Attorney most abusively “over charges.” This means that a simple dispute is often taken over by the DA and, all too often, they charge defendants with felonies, even when both parties don't want this, and even when the facts don't support the charges. This is a trend that Baumgartner Law is familiar with, and we are not intimidated by these aggressive tactics by the DA. We will fight to get you a fair and just outcome.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence, then you may have been served with a domestic violence protection order. Whether facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you need the expertise of a domestic violence assault attorney who knows how to put the DA's office in their place. Baumgartner Law has a history successfully defending domestic violence charges. These cases often need to be taken to trial because the DA's office will not be reasonable. The DA will not be fair with you, and a Public Defender will not fight for you. We will. Every time.

Domestic violence charges are among the most embarrassing and degrading charges you can face. A domestic violence conviction will blacken your record for employers, educators, and others. You cannot afford to roll over on a domestic violence charge. You have to fight these charges and you need an attorney who knows how to do this.

Facing Accusations:

Baumgartner Law is dedicated to represent people charged with assault related offenses. These include but are not limited to aggravated assault, simple assault, and vehicular assault. Birk Baumgartner's deliberation is what separates him from other lawyers, his attention to getting to know his clients and providing personal service could not be more important in assault related offenses. Birk Baumgartner will take the necessary time to learn about the facts of the case and the people involved in the assault, including the alleged victim. And these cases require examining witnesses and the skills of a good trial lawyer are put to the test.