Employment Discrimination



Nothing is more degrading than to being discriminated against where you work. Baumgartner Law's main focus is fighting back against bad employers. Unfortunately, most victims of discrimination at work have dealt with this illegal behavior for a long time.
Employment discrimination law is one of the most complex and lop-sided areas of civil rights law. The wrongful employer has an almost endless list of protections, and the process is so complicated that few attorneys even know the basics. There are filing pre-requisites, time limits, administrative exhaustion pre-requisites, and often, at the end of the line, there are damage recovery limits. Employment lawsuits simply cannot be handled alone, or even by the average attorney. When you have an employment discrimination or wrongful termination case, your employer has retained experienced attorneys who know how to use the complex system against you. You should have an attorney who knows the system at least as well.


Employment Discrimination Opportunity — Law Firm in Denver, CO
Employment discrimination comes in many different forms, including sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Unfortunately, many employers still tolerate sexual harassment and/or race discrimination in the workplace. They know that few employees take the crucial first step of reaching out to a discrimination attorney who knows how to fight back against sexual harassment and race discrimination. At Baumgartner Law, we dedicate our practice to vindicating victim's civil rights, with an emphasis on sexual harassment and race discrimination.

Experiencing employment discrimination?

If you have been the victim of any of the following illegal employment discrimination practices, Baumgartner Law will get you the compensation you are entitled to:

  • Discrimination in firing, hiring, pay or promotion because of your gender, sex, race, age, religion, national origin, disability, or pregnancy;
  • Sexual Harassment, whether you are a man or a woman;
  • Retaliation for opposing discrimination against you or a coworker;
  • The right not to be terminated or discriminated against because you take Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave.

Why choose Baumgartner Law, LLC?

Being a victim of employment discrimination can be one of the most frustrating experiences in your life. Baumgartner Law gives you the power to hold employers accountable for illegal discrimination. With Baumgartner Law, you will have the law on your side, and you will have the power to demand the compensation you deserve.