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Divorce is a challenging time, and you need an attorney who you can trust will fight for your rights and support the best interest of you and your children, if you have them. The Denver attorneys at Baumgartner Law will walk you through the divorce process every step of the way, whether it's a simple uncontested divorce or a more complex divorce that is contested. We also handle divorces involving children, in which case an allocation of parental responsibilities (APR) case will likely be needed as well.

If your divorce involves allegations of domestic violence or abuse, you need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of Colorado domestic violence law. This is one of our specialties, as you can see by visiting our domestic violence and protection order pages. Click here to email Birk Baumgartner directly, or fill out a form to request a free consultation from Baumgartner Law.

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Parental Rights, Responsibilities & Other Family Law Issues

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Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (AKA Child Custody) cases can range from simple and amicable, to incredibly complex. Baumgartner Law understands that cases involving parenting time, decision-making authority, and really anything involving your child or children is about as stressful as it gets, because we are parents too. We will walk you through the different options, with the goal of ensuring your children and your best interests.

Baumgartner Law has experience negotiating parenting plans and child support arrangements in your favor, without leaving it up to the courts to decide your child's future. We also deal with situations that are far more complicated and include domestic violence, protection orders and abuse.

Birk Baumgartner has experience with psychological parent laws, which are incredibly complicated and difficult to navigate for most attorneys who are not familiar with these specific Colorado statutes. These laws allow for non-biological step parents and even ex boyfriends and girlfriends to seek parental responsibilities under very specific circumstances. If you have someone in your life filing for custody on the basis of being a psychological parent, you need an attorney who has experience in this very specialized part of family law.

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In addition to divorce and child custody, Baumgartner Law deals with a myriad of other family law issues. Domestic violence and protection orders often go hand in hand with divorce and/or child custody cases, so you need an attorney like Birk Baumgartner who is experienced in a multitude of areas of law. Often, divorce cases lead to false allegations of criminal charges, which is an area we have extensive experience in. Family law cases may also involve dependency, neglect, child endangerment and abuse, all of which are frequently uncovered while going through the divorce and parenting time process.

No matter what comes up during your family law battle, Baumgartner Law is likely more than capable of handling it and if it's out of our realm of expertise, we will always consult with a colleague who is an expert so as to ensure the best possible results for you and your family. We know how important these cases are to your life and your childrens' lives, and we don't take that responsibility lightly. Email Birk Baumgartner directly by clicking here, or call us today/fill out a form to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you through these difficult times.