Protection Orders


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Birk Baumgartner represents both victims of domestic violence in obtaining civil protection orders, as well as those accused of domestic violence.

If you've been accused of domestic violence, then you may have been served with a domestic violence protection order. This order may cause you to lose contact with your children and leave your family home, in addition to facing charges for domestic violence. A restraining order also goes on your public record and therefore can be seen by potential employers or anybody else who runs a background check on you. You don't have to face wrongful accusations alone, though it might be tempting to speak to investigators and prosecutors because you have nothing to hide, you should always consult a domestic violence defense attorney first. The prosecution and law enforcement officials will be building a case against you. Anything you say may be taken out of context in legal proceedings and could end up hurting your case.”

If you’re a victim of domestic violence and need assistance obtaining a permanent civil protection order, Baumgartner Law can help. Baumgartner Law has helped many victims of police and prosecutorial overreach, and has been able victims of domestic abuse charged with the very crimes they have been subjected to. Whatever your situation, we're ready to help you proactively address your case and assist you in protecting yourself and your children from further abuse.

Recent Success Stories:

  • Client was charged with assaulting his girlfriend after himself being the victim of his girlfriend's attacks. He called the police, but when they came, he was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence Assault. After building a solid defense, Birk Baumgartner was able to obtain a dismissal of all charges.

  • Client was charged with Domestic Violence Assault, and the prosecutor tried to bring felony assault charges. Not only was Birk Baumgartner able to prevent the charges from being filed as a felony, he was able to force a dismissal of all charges.

  • Client was charged with assault twice within six months, for separate events. One charge was an allegation of domestic violence. Each time, Baumgartner Law was able to get the charges dismissed without a trial.

  • Client came to Birk Baumgartner for help in obtaining a permanent protection order from abusive ex domestic partner. The client was also a mother to a young child, and her former partner retaliated by filing suit for psychological parenting rights, and the protection order hearing and parental responsibilities cases were combined into one case, involving 3 parties-the biological mother and absentee biological father, and the client’s former domestic partner. Birk Baumgartner achieved a settlement out of court that eliminated all claim to parental rights from the claimed “psychological father” and a parenting agreement between the biological mother and estranged father that allocated all parental responsibilities to his client, in addition to financial support. Additionally, Birk Baumgartner recovered attorneys fees, extended the temporary protection order for a period of one year with a penalty of violation including liquidated damages and an instant permanent protection order, as well as lifetime no contact orders for both his client and her child.